Saturday, March 1, 2014

Chiefs Initiation

February 28,  2014
Chiefs Initiation

Why is/was the 'Initiation' important? Did it turn a First Class into a Chief? Did it make a new Chief better?

'Initiations' have been common in many walks of life as long as man has formed groups. Initiations continue to exist in many groups i.e. College Fraternities and others.

I do not think that the 'Initiation' turned a Petty Officer First Class into a Chief nor do I think it made him more qualified to assume his new rank. I think the 'Initiation' was of primary importance to the the Chief's Mess.

By completing the 'Initiation', the new Chief demonstrated his commitment, devotion, respect and 'Grit' to his new peers, the Chiefs Mess with whom he would henceforth live and work. At the end of the 'Initiation' when his new 'Anchors' were pinned on, an unbreakable bond of brotherhood was formed with his new peers. This special relationship between the Chiefs led to a cohesive atmosphere of teamwork amongst the Chiefs which contributed to the Ship's mission. In this respect the 'Initiation' was very important.

John Andresen

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Subic Sunrise

I open my eyes to the brightly sunlight room and then my head starts pounding. My throat is dry and my mouth tastes like I slept with a dirty sock stuffed in it. Suddenly natures call arises and I bolt from the room headed for the nearest shitter. After, I ladle buckets of rain water over my myself and recover enough to pull on my clothes and go upstairs. The jukebox is playing some CW tune from years before while some of my mates are playing pool. I pull out my mangled pack of smokes and lite one and ask her to get me a San Miguel. It's the beginning of another day on liberty in Subic.